Free Crochet Pattern; The Bunny Handled Marshmallow Mug Hat

Free Crochet Pattern; The Bunny Handled Marshmallow Mug Hat

This free pattern is great for any Easter home decoration or even as an every day staple in your kitchen by adding it to our farm animal inspired hats coming soon. There is a printable PDF version is available at my Etsy shop for $2.00

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Materials List:


14 stitches x 10 rows = 4″ square

Pattern used for gauge: half double crochet


CH – chain

DC — Double Crochet

HD – Half-double Crochet

SC — Single Crochet

SLST – Slip Stitch

ST(S) – Stitch(es)


  • This hat is worked from the top down.
  • The chains at the beginning of the round do not count as a stitch.
  • The ears are made in 2 pieces each, and then crocheted together.

Pattern Instructions

Round 1: with magic ring, ch 2, 9hd in magic ring, OR ch 3, 9hd in 3rd ch from hook, sl st into frst hd (9hds)

Round 2: ch 2, 2hd in each st across, sl st into first hd (18 hds)

Round 3: ch2, hd in first st,* 2hd in next st, hd in next st*repeat from * to * 2hd in last st, sl st into first hd. (27 hds)

Round 4: ch2, hd in first st, *2hd in next st, hd in next 2 sts* repeat from * to * up tp last 2 sts, 2hd in next st, hd in last st, sl st into first hd. (36 hds)

Round 5: ch2, hd in first st, hd in next 16 sts, 2hds in next st, hd in next 17 sts, 2hds in next st, sl st into frist hd, (38 hds)

Round 6-7:ch2, hd in first st, hd in each of the sts, sl st into first hd. (38 hds)

Row 8: ch2, hd in first st, hd in next 33 sts, ch6,(you will be skipping the last 4 sts),  Turn (34 sts, ch6)

Row 9:hd in 3rd ch from the hook, hd in next 3 chs, hd in each st, Turn (38 hds)

Row 10/Button hole Row: ch4, hd in first st (in hd not ch),hd in each st. Fasten off.


With White or Main Color; Make 2

With Soft Pink; Make 2

See photos in Special stitches section below

Ch 13,

Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next 3st, hd in next 4 sts, dc in next 3 sts, 4dc in last st,  on the next opposite side of the chain, dcin next3 st, hdin next 4sts, hd in next 4sts, sc in last 4 sts. (26 sts)Fasten off.

Place the pink ear, made above, on top of the white ear. With the white yarn place a slip knot on your hook. With the pink facing you attach yarn top right of the ear, see photo, you will be crocheting through the stitches on both layers.

Row 1: sc in next 11 sts, 2sc in next 4 sts, sc in next 11 sts. (30 sts) Fasten off

Repeat for last ear.


Sew Ears to the top of the hat.

Sew button on crocheted piece under handle

Weave in all ends.

Work on opposite side of chain; picture shown after 4dc in last st.
Place the pink ear on top of the main colored ear.
Slip stitch and join at the top right, bottom of ear.
Working through both layers.
Sc in next 11 sts, 2sc in next 4 sts, sc  in next 11 sts. (Pictured is after the first 11sc)
Finished Ear; Make one more

Please do not copy, redistribute or sell my pattern in any way. You are more than welcome to sell your finished pieces. I hope they are a very hot item for you!! You may not use my pictures and pass them off as your own for they are my property. Thank you for your understanding. If you do post any pictures of your pieces I would love to see them!! You can use the #jamieleecrochet tag me @jamieleecrochet so I can see and so other makers can find the pattern for themselves. I truly believe there are enough customers to go around and sharing information is a great way for us makers to inspire and encourage each other. I can’t wait to see your finished marshmallow mug hats!

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